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UK opens investigation on death that sparked riots

September 16, 2013

LONDON (AP) — A British coroner has opened a long-awaited inquest into the death of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old man whose shooting at the hands of London police sparked days of riots across England.

Duggan’s death in the working-class London district of Tottenham on Aug. 4, 2011 was the spark that set off Britain’s worst civil unrest in a generation.

The exact circumstances of Duggan’s death are unclear. A gun was recovered from the scene of the shooting, but it’s the circumstances surrounding its discovery are disputed.

Judge Keith Cutler told jurors at Duggan’s inquest on Monday that they were on a “quest to find the truth.”

Inquests are a kind of investigation held in Britain to establish the facts about violent or unexplained deaths.

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