The past 100 years, December 6, 2018

December 6, 2018

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Dec. 6, 1918: Christmas candy will not be restricted by the food administration. Many candy stores, in accordance with a voluntary sugar conservation plan undertaken upon the initiative of the trade itself, have been refusing to sell more than one pound at a time to customers.

Dec. 6, 1968: Change has been coming to Santa Fe, the old savor dwindling away. And now something unique and irreplaceable is gone — and I do not mean the Curry House. Hal West died a few days ago.

It was 14 years ago, after foolishly spending half a lifetime in the hectic East, that I came to Santa Fe. For 14 years now the most enduring friends made here have been those remarkably various and individualistic members of what I always think of as the Hal West tribe.

Dec. 6, 1993: Ray Armenta doesn’t feel like he’s asking for much.

Armenta and his brother own 25 acres of land in the Atalaya Mountain foothills that have been in his family for generations. He has pleasant childhood memories of family outings to the property, nestled in Santa Fe County just beyond the city’s southeast boundaries.

Armenta has often taken his own children there to breathe the mountain air, hike through the trees and enjoy the outdoors. They know it will someday be theirs and perhaps they will even live on the land as their great-great-grandmother once did.

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