Seeing double

September 14, 2018

STURGIS — They don’t have the same classes. They don’t “hang out” together. And, they certainly don’t dress alike as they once did.

But the six sets of twins in ninth-grade at Sturgis Brown High School still share a special bond despite their efforts to quickly dismiss it.

Savannah Jones says her twin, Canin, who’s older by just minutes, picks on her a lot.

“He’s weird,” she said Monday in the presence of the other freshmen twins gathered to capture a photo of the unique twin situation.

The Jones twins often fly under the radar.

“I have to tell people that we are twins. People just don’t believe it,” Canin said. “I like ranching. She likes sports. She’s good at em’, and I’m not.”

Fourteen-year-old twins Peter and Paul Pulling are hard to tell apart. Their classmates think so also.

“We get called by each other’s name a lot,” Peter said.

The boys do share a common interest in football and wrestling.

They said it was kinda cool to grow up with the other twins from kindergarten on up.

“The teachers were really confused,” Paul said.

Did they ever switch places with the other twin in class?

“I don’t think we were bold enough to do that,” Peter said.

Paul Pulling, although the older of the two, almost always gets second billing. The other twins in their class say they have always referred to them as “Peter and Paul” just because it rolls off the tongue easier.

Zoey and Kenna Goebel, who look most alike of the twins, say they still share clothes and for the most part still like being with the other.

“When we were younger we had to share a lot of clothes,” Zoey said.

“We still do,” Kenna adds.

“We don’t anymore,” Zoey counters.

Kenna said the constant question: “Are you twins?” from people at the high school can be somewhat annoying.

“Yea. We look alike, so, yea,” she said is often her response.

Twins Rylin and Reese Ludwick are a bit uneasy just sitting next to one another.

“We always fight,” Rylin said. “When I come in to her room she sometimes lets me stay, instead of telling me to ‘get out.’”

Reese says they are more opposite than alike when it comes to classes and interests. Reese wants to be a nurse and Rylin wants to be a rancher.

Twins Kelton and Kaden Olson say they don’t really get along.

“We fight a lot,” Kaden said.

Asked if he and his twin were kindred spirts Kaden said: “No. Not usually.”

The boys do share a common interest in baseball and wrestling.

Ysabela Gallosa says in true teen sister fashion the two fight a lot, but on the flip-side she admits she loves her twin.

The two dismiss the uniqueness of having five other sets of twins in their grade.

“It means more to other people than it does to us,” Ysenia says.

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