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May 26, 1990

ASPEN, Colo. (AP) _ Actor Don Johnson says he’s satisfied after an arbitrator ruled that parts of his house were poorly built and the contractor was ordered to pay damages.

″The people who did the actual work will finally be paid,″ Johnson said after the hearing.

The contractor, Duddy-Viele Construction Inc. of Vail, sued Johnson in November after he refused to make a final payment of $95,813 on the $604,085 job. But the settlement requires Duddy-Viele to pay Johnson and subcontractors nearly $112,000, said Johnson’s publicist, Elliot Mintz.

Johnson earlier had said he was withholding payment because floors and beams in the Woody Creek home were cracked and sagging, plumbing leaked and backed up, and doors and windows were not airtight.

A panel of three arbitrators visited the home, and took testimony from Johnson and other witnesses, Mintz said.

Johnson’s attorney, Robert Shoecraft, said that much of the money Duddy- Viele claimed Johnson owed it was actually money Duddy-Viele owed subcontractors.

Duddy-Viele must pay more than $64,000 to subcontractors, and $47,900 to Johnson to compensate him for ″the costs to remedy the defective workmanship,″ said Mintz.

Mike Ellis of Duddy-Viele said Friday that no company officials would be available to comment on the settlement until after Memorial Day.


NEW YORK (AP) - One month after his 84th birthday, Supreme Court Justice William Brennan Jr. says he has no plans to slow down.

″Retirement for me is no consideration,″ the 33-year veteran of the nation’s highest court says in the June issue of Irish America Magazine. ″I would not know what to do with myself that would give me what I get and the satisfaction I get here staying on the court.″

Acknowledging he doesn’t have ″many more years left,″ Brennan said he’s trying to let the American people know exactly how the Supreme Court works. One way of accomplishing that would be televising court sessions, he said.

″I would love it. I’m the only one presently of the nine who would allow television broadcasts of our actual proceedings,″ said Brennan.

Nonetheless, he thinks the day is inevitable that Supreme Court sessions will be televised.


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - A union group has sent a letter to Polish Solidarity leader Lech Walesa, informing him that the award he received last month from Bellarmine College comes from a school that uses non-union labor.

″We view the Bellarmine Award as rank hypocrisy,″ said Jerry Hammond, secretary-treasurer of the Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council.

Bellarmine recognized the rights of Polish workers, Hammond said, but at home college officials haven’t ″practiced what they pretend to preach.″

The letter congratulated Walesa on receiving the award, which is given to those who ″exemplify charity, justice and temperateness in dealing with controversy.″

But it also said the college has awarded multimillion-dollar construction contracts to companies that ″exploit their workers″ by paying wages below union scale and refusing to provide health insurance.

College spokesmen said Friday that the school does not discriminate between union and non-union contractors. Bids for construction are awarded based on the ″lowest and best bidder,″ said Bill Lynch, a retired consulting engineer who serves on the college’s construction committee.


MIAMI (AP) - An American producer and a Soviet director are teaming up in hopes of making international films.

Robert Kaplan of Los Angeles is working with Soviet director Vladimir Alenikov, whose film ″The Drayman and the King″ had its first U.S. commercial showing at the Soviet Film Festival, which is running here through Sunday.

Kaplan, who helped produce ″A Clockwork Orange″ and ″Papillon″ among other films, wants to produce two movies with Alenikov.

″Our ultimate goal is to get Vladimir into a position of being a true international director,″ he said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

To that end, the pair is doing pre-production work on a horror film and a love story, both in the United States and the Soviet Union.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Actor Marlon Brando hired a former chief pathologist for New York City to perform an independent autopsy on the man Brando’s son is accused of killing, a county coroner official said.

Michael Baden, former chief medical examiner of New York, performed the autopsy on Dag Drollet, 26, of Tahiti, coroner’s supervisor David Campbell said Friday. The autopsy’s results were not released.

Baden also reviewed coroner’s documents filed in connection with a first- degree murder charge against Christian Brando, 32. Drollet was found shot to death at Marlon Brando’s exclusive estate on May 16.

″We wanted someone with impeccable credentials to review the way the coroner’s autopsy was conducted,″ said Daniel Stormer, a lawyer for Brando.

Baden served as a pathologist for congressional committees investigating the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Stormer said Drollet’s family had granted permission to perform the second autopsy.

The defense maintains the shooting was an accident that occurred during an argument over Drollet’s treatment of Cheyenne Brando, sister of Christian Brando and daughter of the Oscar-winning actor.

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MONTE CARLO, Monaco (AP) - It will be a busy Sunday in holiday traffic for the Brabham bothers. David Brabahm qualified for Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix. About 6,000 miles away, his older brother Geoff starts in the Indianapolis 500.

Their father, Sir Jack Brabham of Australia, won at Monaco in 1959 en route to the first of three Formula One world championships.

With David, 27, making the field at Monaco, it will be the first time a son of a world champion starts in a Formula One race. He just barely made the 26- car field, qualifying for the next-to-last spot.

He averaged 87.15 mph on the twisting street course, a far cry from 38- year-old brother Geoff’s Indy qualifying mark of 216.58 mph in winning a seventh-row position in Indianapolis.

Still, David is happy to be racing on Sunday.

″I am absolutely delighted to have made it,″ David said.

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