Obscene Burger

September 15, 2018

Jamie Oliver is well-known for his mission to eradicate unhealthy food in the UK and has recently called for a ban on energy drink sales to kids.

But now people on social media want him to turn his attention to American junk food, as a video of a 13 pound burger has caused shock and horror. Truffles N Bacon’s “Belly of the Beast” is a 13-pound burger made with beef, pork belly, tater tots, Cheetos, cheese and more. The Las Vegas burger joint says the burger is designed to be shared between six. Food Insider shared a video of people at Truffles N Bacon making the gargantuan creation.

One person tweeted Jamie Oliver and asked him to “do your thing,” while someone else suggested that “Jamie Oliver go sort out this mess and leave our drinks alone pls.” Another Twitter user lamented that “Jamie Oliver wants to start beef with us instead” of dealing with the burger.

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