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US West Plans Cheaper Web Access

September 15, 1999

NEW YORK (AP) _ U S West Corp. is targeting a wider audience with a cheaper, dial-up version of the high-speed Internet connection known as DSL.

The Baby Bell phone company for the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest announced today that MegaBit Select is being introduced in 14 western states after a trial run in four cities.

The monthly charge of $19.95 is $10 less than what U S West charges in its territory for a continuously live Web connection via DSL, which is an abbreviation for digital subscriber line. In other parts of the country, ``always-on″ DSL service typically costs $50 or more per month.

DSL users still need to pay a separate monthly fee, generally ranging from $10 to $22, to an Internet service provider such as America Online.

``MegaBit Select will dramatically accelerate the use of high-speed Internet services by mass market consumers,″ said Joe Zell, president of U S West’s !nterprise Networking unit.

DSL allows people to access the Internet at speeds five times faster than the fastest dial-up modem installed on most desktop and laptop computers.

While the MegaBit Select dial-up version doesn’t provide a continuous connection to the Internet, there is no limit on access time, said U S West spokesman Garth Neuffer.

The service is available immediately in more than 40 Western cities, including Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Salt Lake City. It will be available in other parts of U S West’s 14-state territory next month, the company said.

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