Jimmy Fallon enlists ‘Dr. Evil’ for ‘Make America Evil Again’ skit prior to midterm elections

November 6, 2018

Celebrities Mike Meyers and Jimmy Fallon teamed up Monday night for a “MAGA”-inspired skit featuring the former’s “Dr. Evil” character.

The villain from the “Austin Powers” movies showed up to NBC’s “The Tonight Show” this week in an allegedly nonpartisan skit for midterm elections voters. Mr. Meyers, showing off a red cap in the vein of President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” merchandise, said it was fashionable in 2018 to be evil.

“It’s 2018. Evil’s ‘in’ right now. It’s ‘hip.’ ... I was originally hoping for [Supreme Court Justice Brett] Kavanaugh’s job, but Trump said I was too even-keeled for that,” Mr. Meyers said in character.

“So you’re running for Congress,” Mr. Fallon replied. “So are you running as a Democrat or Republican?”

“Neither. I’m running as an Eviltarian,” the comedian replied while pulling out a “Make America Evil Again” hat. “Our ultimate goal is to make America evil again.”

The Dr. Evil character then listed a handful of silly ideas to accomplish his task, among them the extension of the time it takes to skip advertisements on YouTube videos.

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