Nebraska-Wisconsin: Five things we learned, still don’t know

October 8, 2018

MADISON, Wisc. — Five things we learned and five things we still don’t know about the Huskers coming out of Saturday’s loss to Wisconsin.

* * *

Five things we learned

1. Nebraska keeps hurting itself. NU was called for six penalties for 60 yards in the first half alone, most of which killed drives in Wisconsin territory. The Huskers finished with 10 penalties for 100 yards. They don’t just look like the most undisciplined team in America. They are the most undisciplined team.

2. Adrian Martinez, again, looked special. He threw for 384 yards and led the team with 57 yards rushing. The offense showed flashes of promise. But cashing in on that promise seems so far away right now.

3. When the starting scholarship punter gets benched, it’s a sign of just how far the special teams have fallen. Caleb Lightbourn’s best play was a shoestring tackle on a kick return, but the fact he even had to tackle someone that far downfield shows how bad the coverage teams are.

4. With Tyjon Lindsey and Greg Bell gone, Maurice Washington will see his role increase this season. It did Saturday. He lined up at receiver, he had as many carries as starter Devine Ozigbo and he returned kicks.

5. Whatever Nebraska is doing to fix its penalty problem absolutely isn’t working. Same could be said about the Huskers’ issues bringing down ball carriers. And special teams. Whatever they’re trying to do to fix those issues is failing.

Five things we still don’t know

1. Nebraska’s answer to Wisconsin’s defense was to spread five receivers out wide and throw the ball around. It seemed to work well, for the most part. Will that be the answer against the rest of the Big Ten?

2. Nebraska ran 10 times with its running backs. Why so few carries for Devine Ozigbo, who ran for 170 yards a week ago, and how does Nebraska get the run game going against Big Ten teams?

3. The Huskers are now 0-5. Read that again. They have won zero games in five tries, just the second time in school history that has happened. How much more will the national media pile on to Nebraska, and how bad will that hurt the program’s image?

4. Scott Frost drew a line in the sand a week ago. Two players left. Does anyone else exit the program this week?

5. When, oh when, can this program win another football game? Northwestern beat a ranked Michigan State team this weekend. Minnesota seemed beatable against Iowa, but is Nebraska more beatable at this point?

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