NEW YORK (AP) _ A man who contended he was under the influence of drugs when he shot and killed a 17-year-old honor student on a city street has been convicted of murder by a judge.

In a non-jury trial, Supreme Court Justice Shirley Levittan on Tuesday found Joel Raroque Cabangon, 26, of Queens, guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Allan Spiegel of Westbury.

The judge also convicted the Philippines immigrant of criminal possession of a weapon and the attempted murders of Walter Luciano and Antonio Gonzalez, two National Guardsmen he fired on with a .25-caliber automatic pistol within minutes of Spiegel's slaying. Neither guardsman was hit.

Cabangon faces up to life in prison. He is to be sentenced Jan. 8.

Spiegel was delivering $2.70 worth of doughnuts and coffee from his father's mid-Manhattan doughnut shop on Oct. 24, 1981, when he was hit by two bullets at 42nd Street and Madison Avenue.

Cabangon walked into a police station in January 1984 and confessed to the slaying. He told police his conscience bothered him.

Ms. Levittan said psychiatrists called by the defense and the prosecution offered no credible evidence to support Cabangon's claim that he suffered a mental defect at the time of the killing.

Cabangon said that someone, without his knowledge, laced the marijuana he was smoking with PCP - a powerful animal tranqulizer known as angel dust - and that he began choosing targets at random as he walked to a clothing store where he was a clerk.