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Highlights of House Arguments

January 14, 1999

In arguments made in a rebuttal brief filed today in President Clinton’s impeachment trial, House prosecutors:

_Contend that Clinton’s written filing in the case ``contains numerous factual inaccuracies and misstatements″ and ``discounts substantial evidence as well as common sense.″

_Argue that they need to call witnesses to show Clinton lied and has ruined his credibility as president.

_Reject the White House argument that the articles of impeachment passed by the House should be dismissed at the outset. The prosecutors note that ``the Senate has never granted a motion to dismiss or strike an article of impeachment.″

_Dismiss Clinton’s argument that his removal from office would weaken the presidency and American democracy. ``Convicting him and thereby reaffirming that criminal behavior that strikes at the heart of the justice system will result in removal will serve to strengthen the presidency, not weaken it,″ the prosecutors wrote.

_Argue that Clinton is not on trial for having an affair or lying to his wife or the American public. He is on trial for lying in a court proceeding, they said.

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