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Arian Foster’s British accent is simply brill

December 4, 2014

HOUSTON (AP) — Arian Foster plays in Texas, but on this day he was very, very British.

The Houston Texans running back is notoriously prickly when facing the media. But when he assumed a British accent during an interview on Thursday he suddenly morphed into a merry old chap.

Foster did not say why he was going down this path. But he said before taking questions that he’d be using “his best English accent,” and he stayed with it.

He returned to the NFL on Sunday after missing two games with a groin injury and ran for 79 yards and had 26 yards receiving with a touchdown in the win over Tennessee.

“I came out well,” he said. “All is good.”

Foster, who is sixth in the NFL with 901 yards rushing, was asked about being in the top 10 in early voting for the Pro Bowl.

“I highly appreciate that,” he said. “The fans are why we’re able to do what we do in this league and I appreciate it very much so. Either there is one kid clicking out there a lot or I have many fans, and I appreciate it either way.”

He broke form just once, to scold a reporter for adding “mate.” Foster wanted to be clear he was not in an Australian frame of mind, saying “I’m going for England here, bro.”

He ended the short session with, “Cheerio,” and “Lovely day.”

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