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JUANITA MOORE: Simpson’s barber for 16 years; said she never

September 9, 1995

JUANITA MOORE: Simpson’s barber for 16 years; said she never tinted or dyed Simpson’s hair; said Simpson had dandruff periodically, especially in off-season when he was playing golf instead of football; said she visited Simpson’s estate to cut his hair May 1, 1994, and saw Ms. Simpson, and on May 23, 1994, when she saw Barbieri.

DONALD THOMPSON: police officer; sent to Simpson’s estate June 13, 1994, around 8 a.m.; said Detective Philip Vannatter told him to put Simpson in handcuffs when Simpson arrived; said Simpson arrived around noon and seemed to be in hurry; put handcuffs on and turned Simpson over to detectives; said Simpson was home 30 to 45 seconds when he was handcuffed; said Simpson’s Ford Bronco, parked in street, could have been secured with yellow police tape, but it would have been difficult.

JOHN MERAZ: tow truck driver at police garage; said he towed Bronco on June 15, 1994, from police print shed to impound yard; said he didn’t see any blood and could tell car had not been tested for prints because there was no powder; said he took two receipts from Bronco to show to fellow workers; said he replaced receipts but that they were gone when he returned to Bronco with boss to get them; said he lied when asked if he took receipts; said he was suspended June 15, 1994, after he refused to empty his pockets for his manager; said he hired lawyers to handle his wrongful termination lawsuit after discussing it with Simpson defense.

RICHARD WALSH: Personal trainer hired by Playboy as co-host of fitness video with Simpson; said he took Simpson’s physical limitations into account when he wrote script for video; said he saw Simpson having problems with knees, back, shoulder and hands; said bulk of video was shot on May 25, 1994, because they were unsure Simpson could make it; said he motivated Simpson by telling him something like ``too bad you’re not tough enough to make it through this″; said Simpson made two references to punching ``the wife″ but neither was scripted and both surprised him.

WILLIE FORD: LAPD photographer; videotaped Simpson’s estate, inside and out, on June 13, 1994; said clock on camera was one hour off because it hadn’t been adjusted for daylight saving time; said when he videotaped Simpson’s bedroom at 4:13 p.m., he saw no socks on floor at foot of Simpson’s bed.

JOSEPHINE GUARIN: housekeeper; said Simpson was very neat but she cleaned his room daily when he was home; said she had sequence for cleaning rest of house since she couldn’t do it in one day; said she called Simpson from Knott’s Berry Farm at 8 p.m. night of murders and got permission to stay out that night; said Simpson and Barbieri spent Memorial Day weekend in Palm Springs but she didn’t know anything about fight between them; testified she was unaware that Simpson had black sweatsuit.

KELLY MULLDORFER: LAPD detective; conducted investigation into security practices at impound yard and theft of receipts from Bronco; said she was told there was no check-in log for people coming and going into the area where Bronco was stored.

BERT LUPER: LAPD detective; said he found single brown glove in closet chest of drawers in Simpson’s bedroom; said he inadvertently put it on living room table; said he decided not to put it back; said he removed some clothes from hamper and spread them out so pictures could be taken but testified none of clothes was confiscated; ordered socks to be seized; took custody of a broken glass, bedding and towel from Chicago police; said he saw pair of socks at foot of Simpson’s bed and ordered that they be collected as evidence because they seemed out of place; said socks were collected in his presence by Dennis Fung before Ford arrived to videotape room.

FREDRIC RIEDERS: forensic toxicologist; using FBI analyses, said he found evidence of preservative EDTA in bloodstain on gate at rear of Ms. Simpson’s condo and on sock found at foot of Simpson’s bed; said he didn’t believe EDTA came from laundry soap; said a high amount listed in an Environmental Protection Agency report _ which he used to reach his findings _ was a typo or absurdity because anyone with that much EDTA would have blood that wouldn’t clot and they would be dead; said tests showed there was 100 times more EDTA in blood from vials of samples belonging to Simpson and Ms. Simpson than in sock and gate blood; said he would bill the defense more than $15,000 for his work.

ROGER MARTZ: FBI toxicologist; said bloodstains on sock from Simpson’s bedroom and on crime scene gate didn’t come from preserved blood; found vague signs of EDTA but said there were any number of explanations; denied he was recruited by prosecution only to prove absence of EDTA rather than conduct tests to determine if there was EDTA; declared hostile witness at request of defense.

HERBERT MacDONELL: forensic chemist; said blood on ankle of one sock from Simpson’s bedroom wasn’t spattered but applied through ``direct compression″; said blood seeped through to opposite side of sock, indicating there was no foot inside when sock became stained; said under cross-examination that ``compression″ bloodstain could have been, as prosecutors suggested, caused by Simpson’s ex-wife reaching out with bloody hands and grabbing Simpson’s ankle during her slaying; said he didn’t believe one sock was bloodied at crime scene because stain couldn’t have been made with a foot inside; said it was hypothetically possible blood could have soaked through when technicians tested stain by dabbing it with wet cotton swab.

THANO PERATIS: Los Angeles police nurse; because he is too sick to testify, jurors were read his testimony from grand jury transcripts and shown videotape of his testimony at preliminary hearing; said he took about 8 cubic centimeters of blood from Simpson at 2:30 p.m. June 13, 1994; said he turned blood vial over to Detective Vannatter.


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