Canadians tell pollsters of large neo-Nazi presence in U.S.

January 24, 2019

Nearly half of Canadians polled as part of a survey on Holocaust awareness said that they believe “a great deal” or “many” neo-Nazis live in the United States, results of the study revealed Thursday.

Fifteen percent of Canadian respondents answered that a “great deal” of neo-Nazis reside south of the border, while nearly one-in-three 32 percent quantified the number of American neo-Nazis as “many.”

Fewer than one-third of the respondents 30 percent said they believe the U.S. has either “a few” neo-Nazis or “none at all,” the study found.

Forty-nine percent said that Canada has “few” or “none” neo-Nazis.

Conducted by Schoen Consulting on behalf of the Azrieli Foundation and the Claims Conference, two Holocaust awareness groups, the survey involved polling 1,100 Canadians about the Jewish genocide and related topics, gauging the nation’s knowledge of the atrocity nearly 80 years since its start.

More than half of the respondents were unable to name a single concentration camp or ghetto, and most incorrectly answered a multiple choice question about the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust: 24 percent said they were “not sure,” while 23 percent listed the death toll as significantly less than the 6 million figure accepted by historians.

Naomi Azrieli, the CEO and Chair of the Azrieli Foundation, said she was “shocked and disappointed by the results.”

“Clearly there are holes in our education system that must be filled, because as it stands now, we are not preparing the next generation to learn from the past,” Ms. Azrieli said in a press release.

“The results of this study should cause great concern about Holocaust education and the gaps we have again uncovered,” added Greg Schneider, vice president of the Claims Conference. “We must do all we can to educate about the horrors of the Holocaust; it is incumbent on us to ensure that those who suffered so greatly are remembered, while their stories are told and taught by future generations.”

The survey was conducted in September 2018, and its findings were published ahead of next week’s annual International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

A similar poll conducted in the U.S. found that 45 percent of respondents were unable to name a single concentration camp or ghetto.

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