These days, you’re present can haunt you

February 5, 2019

In 1984, a racist photo appeared in the medical school yearbook of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam.

When the photo was first made public late last week, Northam admitted he was in the picture. He then quickly reversed field and denied it, but seemingly only made matters worse by admitting he had appeared in blackface during a dance contest that was held at roughly the same time the photo was taken.

Either way, Northam’s past actions have put his political present and future in deep peril. While he is resisting heavy pressure to resign, it appears he will have no choice but to do so very soon.

Now mind you, Northam’s apparent transgression took place 35 years ago, at a time when no one, let alone everyone, constantly carted a cellphone with them.

The devices are ever present now, and most are equipped with cameras and audio recording devices. With the greatest of ease, others can now copy your actions and words and share them with whomever they please.

Northam should have thought twice before behaving irresponsibly all those years ago. But in modern times, you better think it over a dozen times, or better yet, dismiss the thought as soon as it enters your head.

It took 35 years for Northam’s past to catch up with him, and by the time it did, he had rose to become the governor of the nation’s 12th most populous state.

No such lapse of time would occur in today’s world, and political ambition, or any other ambition for that matter, would be quashed before ever being pursued.

Thanks to George Orwell, you used to hear about how Big Brother was watching you. Now Big Brother comes in the form of millions of cellphones, and he is watching more closely than ever.

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