LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The ex-wife of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is hoping that President Clinton will pardon both her and her former husband in the wake of the newly signed Mideast peace agreement.

``I have suffered for the last 13 years and I want to start a new life,'' said Anne Pollard, who served 40 months in prison in connection with her husband's espionage case.

The issue of Pollard's freedom nearly derailed the Israeli-Palestinian peace accord Friday after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that Clinton pardon Pollard and allow him to fly to Israel.

Clinton resisted and the deal hung in the balance for several hours until the president promised to review Pollard's case. Netanyahu accepted.

More than a decade ago, Ms. Pollard pleaded guilty to conspiracy to receive embezzled government property and being an accessory after the fact to possession of state secrets. She was sentenced in March 1987 to five years in prison. She was released in 1990 and the Pollards divorced.

``The Israeli government has recognized that he was an agent of Israel,'' Ms. Pollard said Friday. ``I hope that they will not forget me and that I too have lost everything in this case. It's time they also meet their obligations to me and make amends.''

Pollard was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to selling secrets to Israel. He sold the classified information from 1984 until his arrest in November 1985 for as much as $2,500 a month.

Ms. Pollard said she hopes her ex-husband is released from prison.

``I know from my own experience that prison is a horrible place to be,'' she said.