Family Time: Enter the GATEway to science

November 22, 2018

Sign up to learn the science behind the GATEway Science Fair. Offered twice, the one-and-a-half hour GATEway Science Fair Workshops are designed to give students and their favorite big person a thorough introduction to the scientific method and the GATEway Science Fair.

“The GATEway Science Fair is a non-competitive science fair (everyone gets a ribbon) that is is open to all students in grades 3 through 6 in Rochester and the surrounding area. There are typically 225 to 250 participants who bring a science project to the fair,” said Val Kaliszewski, GATEway Science Fair Workshop coordinator, “The GATEway Science Fair Workshops are a terrific way to learn all you need to know to plan for and participate in the science fair.”

The workshops start with an overview of science fair projects, followed by a what-to-expect at the science fair.

“We’ll talk about what makes a good science fair project and what’s probably not a good science fair project — but how you might turn it into a good one,” said Kaliszewski. “We’ll talk about applying the scientific method to your experiment, how to put together a display board, what to expect at the science fair.”

Then it’s time to practice what they learned, as the students try their hands at various science experiments.

“We’ll divide the students into small groups, of three or four. Each group will be joined by a scientist who will walk their group through experiments — come up with a hypothesis, run the experiment, write down your data, come up with a conclusion,” said Kaliszewski. “After they’ve had the opportunity to document the process, then they’ll have the chance to practice answering questions a science fair reviewer might ask.”

The workshop ends with brainstorming science fair project ideas.

“We’ll bring in display boards of past science fair projects, talk about projects other students have done, and discuss online resources families can use to choose a project,” said Kaliszewski. “The workshop is not only a good place to learn how to do a good science fair project, it’s also a great place to get kids interested in science.”

Register online to attend a workshop. An adult must attend with a student.

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