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Crisis in Venezuela; Interview With Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ); Dow Plummets on China Trade Fears; Shots Fired at Colorado School - Part 2

May 7, 2019



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<Head: Crisis in Venezuela; Interview With Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ); Dow

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So they’re telling people to stay away from there. And on other stations, we have been hearing from students, who say that they heard the shooting, that they knew of a suspect.

And the authorities telling us one suspect is in custody, and varying reports on whether there may be more, but they’re certainly checking.

Reporter -- a reporter on scene from ABC 7 says that a source tells him first-responders are now going classroom by classroom to clear the building methodically, as they have been taught to do in the days after the Columbine High School shooting. We have certainly changed a number of protocols for law enforcement agencies, which was also there in the Denver area.

The ABC News correspondent Clayton Sandell is reporting that a high-ranking law enforcement source says multiple victims have been shot at this school. Again, it’s the STEM School at Ridgeline and Plaza, which is in Douglas County in the Highlands Ranch area.

Two suspects now in custody, according to ABC’s reporting. Police are engaging a third, again, that from the reporting of Clayton Sandell in the Denver bureau for ABC News.

So a very much unfolding situation now. We do have confirmed this is the location in Colorado. At least two people are injured. We’re told by people who are on scene now that multiple law enforcement agencies are working on this incident and that a line of ambulances came to the school not to suggest that there are many more victims, but just as protocol when there’s a shooting at a school.

So it’s been a very chaotic scene to just -- to hear it described by the locals, as ambulances and police came blaring into the neighborhood to try to get this situation under control.

Again, it’s 2:30 in Colorado now, so school likely still in session as this happened. There’s been no information thus far about what may have precipitated this, who the particulars are of who may have been responsible for this or who the victims are.

The school is a charter school in Douglas County. It serves about 1,850 kids in grades K through 12, about 600 high school students, about 700 middle school students, all at this one location, it’s my understanding, though they may be in different buildings.

We’re expecting to hear from the sheriff’s department there in Douglas County in just a moment, but we know at least one. Now we’re told by reporting of ABC News that two suspects are in custody. And according to ABC News, at least a third suspect is being engaged by police.

In other words, they appear to be reporting that there’s some sort of dialogue going on at the moment. Local hospitals are on standby. Local sheriff’s department is there, along with help from many different municipalities around, as this shooting happened sometime in just about the last hour.

Let’s listen on the phone now, Natalie Tysdal, who is on the phone with KDVR. Listen.

NATALIE TYSDAL, JOURNALIST: ... about two or three blocks from here, as you were just recording, the Northridge Rec Center.

I just walked up on a really heartbreaking site here. I’m looking at some grandparents who are here to see their kids. They have five kids that they pick up here from the school. They’re in tears trying to figure out how they can get in touch with these kids.

They’re being told right now to head over to the rec center as well.

HUBBARD: All right, we’re losing Natalie.

Natalie, are you still with us?

OK, apparently, we have lost her. But, again, she’s telling a heartbreaking story of grandparents showing up crying, trying to figure out what’s going on with their loved ones. We can only imagine other parents doing the same thing.

Again, a big law enforcement presence on the scene at the school right now. And if we know anything about what we learned from Columbine, which happened 20 years ago last month, that is that law enforcement doesn’t waste any time any more getting inside these schools.

That was one of the lessons of Columbine. They waited for 45 minutes or longer for SWAT teams to show up before they got into the school. What we have learned since then is that first-responders, the very first officers on the scene, go right into the school, right into harm’s way and try to get this situation under control.

So we can assume that’s what’s happening here, and we can assume that’s how one person’s in custody.

BRADY: Yes, also some new information.

We understand that Cherry Creek schools are also on a secure perimeter due to the situation at this school in Douglas County right now.

We know that..

SMITH: You see the local map there.

I want to give you an idea about where this is in the Denver area. If you’re in Denver proper and head south, you either take I-25 or Highway 85. As you go south, you come to Englewood first. And then you come to Littleton, Colorado, which is where Columbine High School was, and is to this day, Littleton, Columbine, just to the south and west of there.

And the next community south of Denver, as you continue to progress in suburbs, is Highlands Ranch. Highlands Ranch is between Highway 85 and Interstate 25. This school is a charter school in Highlands Ranch.

Again, that serves about 1,800 students in grades K through 12. So that’s the location, south of Denver proper, between the two major highways that head south out of that area.

The latest is two people believed injured in some way in this incident, two suspects reported by ABC News to have been -- and now Natalie Tysdal, that parent who is on scene at the school, is back live with FOX Denver. Let’s listen.

TYSDAL: ... what’s going on.

Many parents -- I was telling you about a set of grandparents. They have five kids at the school. They’re very upset. They’re trying to figure out more.

It sounds as if that law enforcement here is asking everyone to head to Northridge Rec Center. That’s where they’re trying to get the kids out from the school. It is still an active situation, they have just told us.

I just sent some video back to you with an update for the parents from some law enforcement, saying that they have -- still have kids in the school. They’re trying to get them out.

That’s about all that I have right now.

HUBBARD: Natalie...


TYSDAL: I do want to talk to some of these parents here. They have not talked to their kids, and all they’re hearing is that the school is on lockdown.

HUBBARD: OK, Natalie.

TYSDAL: So, as soon as I get some more information, I will call you back.

HUBBARD: Hey, Natalie, can you put one of those parents on the phone right now? Would they be willing to talk to us just about what’s going on or what they have heard?

I know you have said they haven’t heard much, but I just wonder if any anybody be willing to chat with us?

I think she cut out again. Apologies for that.

We are getting some conflicting information here too, because I’m just seeing a tweet from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office saying that parents should go to Northridge Elementary School -- that’s at 555 Southpark Road - - to pick up your child.

That conflicts with what we heard earlier, which was go to Northridge Rec Center, which is at 8800 South Broadway.

SMITH: A communications challenge when something this traumatic happens in a local community.

Again, this is south of Denver in the suburbs past Littleton, in the community known as Highlands Ranch, where the STEM School at Highlands Ranch -- the word from authorities -- from the reporters on scene is, authorities are going room to room to clear the building.

At least one suspect. Some reporting indicates two. Some reporting indicates there may have been a third who’s being engaged by the authorities. And, in addition, at least two people reported injured, and at least one of those taken to a hospital.

Trace Gallagher is with us with some more information -- Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: And this is part of the reason that you do -- as we talked about Columbine, Shep, happening 20 years ago.

About two weeks ago was the anniversary. And all of those protocols that were put in place after Columbine are being used here today, as you listen to law enforcement on saying they’re going from room to room.

We should note this school is two stories. So the way this is done is that they will flood both of the stories with police officers and start going room to room, because it’s our understanding from history that what you have in these situations, even if the all-clear is given, is you have people that are hiding in certain areas.

And you have law enforcement going into these rooms, knocking on doors, knocking on closets, and they don’t know -- because we believe that a third suspect might be still on the run, they don’t know if the people in these closets, they’re hiding in these classrooms, are actually students or possibly suspects.

So, there, you kind of have this -- this very tricky task that law enforcement go through every single time there is a school shooting, which is trying to go through. And we have seen it so many times, where the kids come out of the school with their hands up. They drop their backpacks, because that is standard operating procedure now, because, in the early going of these school shootings, everybody is considered a suspect.

I just want to point out, this is near a place called Central Park, which is a shopping center right near the school. That makes it a little more difficult when you’re trying to lock down these certain areas, because in this Central Park shopping center, you have an Orangetheory, which is a fitness place.

You have got a Rock Bottom Brewery. You have got a Shake Shack. There’s some other stores in there. And right now, it is, of course, 20 minutes to 3:00 in the afternoon. All of these places, when this happened, would be busy.

And so now you have got police trying to keep people inside these buildings, lock down these roads around the buildings and then, at the same time, go through this two-story school and go room to room.

You mentioned, Shep, that it’s a charter school, a STEM school, science, technology, engineering, and math, K through 12. So you have got some very young students in here who have got to be just frightened beyond belief, and you have some seniors.

And you know, in these types of situations, the younger -- the younger students have buddies. They have buddy systems in STEM schools, where some of the older students are -- will go by, and they will see them in the walkways and stuff, and they will kind of be mentors, if you will, for lack of a better term.

But, again, you’re talking about differing ages of kids, kindergarten through -- through 12. So, it is a tough situation right now for police to be able to go through and get us information.

When you said earlier that they were going to hold a news conference sometime in the coming minutes, that always portends to be a good sign for us, because it means they have information to tell us. And when they have information to tell us, it means that somebody on the inside is telling the police officers on the outside what’s going on and how serious it is.

And that is a picture right there of the school. You can see the response. Of course, the response is going to be huge. Right now, of course, we’re hearing two injured. We’re hearing two suspects in custody. We do not know the extent of the injuries.

One local is reporting that there was one person shot and another person is unknown what their injury might be. And, remember, a lot of people are injured in school shootings by running away. In fact, a lot of the injuries that we see when you hear these large numbers in the early going are from people who were trying to get clear of any type of gunfire that was under way.

So, that’s the early going right here, Shep, the live picture of the school, the first live picture of the school, which is -- it’s fascinating to see how robust the response is to the shooting -- Shep.

SMITH: Yes. And it has been.

I have some new information that’s come in.

Trace, thanks so much for that.

For those who are unaware, well, I give you this. The media are to be given an update at a staging area, which is there right near the school, and we’re expecting that to happen in just a minute. That’s from the sheriff’s department.

That’s -- the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is now on the way to the scene. The school district has sent out a notice that all of the county schools have been placed on what they called secure perimeter, meaning essentially people don’t come and go.

But they are planning a normal dismissal schedule for all the schools in this region. So, this sort of a thing affects people in school after school across the region, and, certainly, tensions get high.

We have just gotten from Denver 7, which is our network news service affiliate, the ABC station there, and Josh Whitston, who’s a reporter, says that a group of SWAT officers are heading in the area and have been on scene now for quite sometime.

The first report of this was at 1:53 Mountain Daylight Time, so about an hour and 50 minutes ago. They responded to this school on a call of shots fired in the school. They gave us their first update of two injured and deputy -- in the process of identifying and locating the shooters.

One -- the initial report was one suspect was contained very quickly. Then there were reports of other possible suspects, including a report that police had engaged one of those suspects. They’re sending out new information about where parents can meet their kids, if you happen by some chance to be watching in that area, and it’s the parents going to Northridge Elementary to get the students and reunification is coming away.

Let’s talk with Jordan Franklin now. He works across the street from this school.

Jordan, describe what you see when you look in that direction.

JORDAN FRANKLIN, WITNESS: You see SWAT. You see tactical force, sheriff’s department.

Police are blocking off every road. There is another ambulance that just pulled up. We saw an individual get into one of the ambulances. (INAUDIBLE) if they got shot. Not sure.

But right now, everybody is block off.

SMITH: And did you see kids evacuating earlier?

FRANKLIN: We did. We saw multiple kids being evacuated on both ends.

SMITH: Tell us what that -- describe that scene, if you could, for us.


They were -- some of them were just scrambling out. A few of them were hands up and just running out with a -- at an alarming rate. It was crazy.

SMITH: Yes, it had to have been disturbing, at minimum, to look out and see this at this huge school across the street.


I mean, it was just out of -- it came out of nowhere. We heard two shots. And then next you know...


SMITH: You did hear shots?

FRANKLIN: We heard two shots.

SMITH: Tell us -- tell us about that.

FRANKLIN: We just -- we thought it was thunder, because it was raining a while ago.

And we thought it was thunder. And we look over, and next thing you know, there’s police everywhere, just two quick -- two quick boom-booms, and that was it.

SMITH: They -- so, from the time you heard the shots until the time you saw the police, any idea how long that was?

FRANKLIN: About 30 minutes.

SMITH: Uh-huh.

And since then, it looks like there are authorities from many different agencies in the area.

FRANKLIN: Definitely. There’s multiple agencies here.

SMITH: And does it appear now that the lockdown is over?


SMITH: Or does it -- go on.

FRANKLIN: It seems like they’re still looking for some shooter (INAUDIBLE). They are still going inside the building.

They’re going in the building. They actually look like they got more SWAT here. There’s probably a whole ’nother team here.

SMITH: Well, they are calling this an active scene, from what -- from what I can see, at least in the last few minutes. That’s the latest report from the county sheriff’s office.

And, to you, it appears to be quite active, eh?


SMITH: No trouble at this school before that you can look across the street and notice, huh?

FRANKLIN: Definitely not.

I mean, I park right across the street every day. It seems fine every day, quiet, normal school.

SMITH: Jordan Franklin, all the best. Thanks so much for the insight. Appreciate it.

FRANKLIN: Thank you.

Deborah Takahara is also on the line with FOX in Denver. Let’s listen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Three shooters, two of them in custody right now.

Officers going classroom to classroom, clearing the school, and presumably looking for that third shooter. And then these heartbreaking reports of children running from the school, as we have seen before here in Colorado.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. It was really difficult to hear for us. We can only imagine for those of you that are parents in the area.

Want to do a quick...

SMITH: As relayed by the by KDVR -- that’s FOX31 in Denver -- as we have been reporting, two suspects now contained.

There -- we had reports that authorities were engaging a third suspect. Normally, that’s cop-speak for, we have some sort of communications with the person, but we don’t have that person in our custody, we don’t have that person contained.

So, that would suggest to us that, since they were engaging this suspect, that they know where the -- that they at least have contact with the suspect. The hope is that no one else will be injured here.

We have confirmed that authorities have gone room to room clearing the school itself methodically to make sure that there are, A, no other victims, B, no other suspects.

But as of the last minute or two, this is still being described as an active scene by authorities. So if you don’t have one of the suspects in custody, that would make perfect sense.

For clarity, we have been calling them shooters. Actually, I have been calling them suspects, but some others have called them shooters. We don’t know how many shooters there were. It’s within the realm of possibilities that there could have been one shooter and police believe multiple accomplices.

It could also be that there was more than one shooter. The information we have thus far is of two shots fired. We have that from the caller who was on the line just a moment ago, that that’s what he heard. We have it separately from other sources, including students who were speaking on our network news service affiliated stations in the Denver area.

So, if there were -- if there was more than one shooter, at this point, we don’t know about it. But we do know that there is more than one suspect.

It may sound like semantics, but there is a difference. And we won’t know until the authorities come forward to tell us. We just don’t want to get ahead of this. We know that two people are in custody. We know that they were -- that there is a third person that they’re trying to speak to or at least contain in some way.

We know that two students -- or, actually, that’s not right. We know that two people have been injured. We don’t know who those people are. We don’t know if they’re students. We don’t know if they’re faculty. We don’t know if they’re staff. We don’t know if they were visitors. We don’t have a way to know that, until authorities come forward with this news conference, which we’re expecting at a staging area there in just a moment.

For those of you who are joining us, this is Highlands Ranch, Colorado. If you drive south from Denver, you eventually get to Littleton, Colorado, the home of Columbine High School. The next little community would reach when going down Highway 85 would be Highlands Ranch.

And this is a charter school, a STEM school, science, technology, electrical -- engineering, and math, and one of those schools to which kids come from all over the region to get specialized training. And this is a kindergarten through 12th grade, so the whole bunch, 1,800 students.

And FOX31 in Denver with further. Listen.


BRADY: And, Natalie, you’re a parent in the district too, we know. Douglas County, you have lived there for...

SMITH: So, on the line now, a parent and worker.


BRADY: How is this for you to watch right now?

TYSDAL: You know, guys, I first got the call from my 18-year-old who was in a Douglas County school and said, “Mom, what’s going on?”

Then my 14-year-old, then just probably 10 friends. I live about a mile from here. I pulled up. And there were probably 30 parents lining the street in tears.

I think I told you about the grandparents that were in tears. It is so scary. And I think the thing that is the hardest for everyone that I talk to here right now is they don’t know what’s happening.

BRADY: Right.

TYSDAL: We’re not getting updates. I’m a parent of a county -- couple of students.

Even the parents that I’m talking to here, they only know that the kids are inside being brought out little by little. And, again, let me just paint the scene here.

I am standing right in front of the school at -- there’s a street between us. I have got one, two, three, four ambulances.

SMITH: Reporter now on rim 254. Let’s listen.

These -- these are live pictures coming into us from Denver from a reporter’s camera who was just giving a live update.

And now back to the device the KDVR shot, which shows an ambulance coming onto the scene and local parents and stuff, and many other concerned residents wondering, when will they be able to get more information?

We’re listening to Natalie Tysdal, who is a local anchor on our station in Denver. She’s an anchor on the morning show and a parent of a kid at the school. Listen.

TYSDAL: We’re not getting any other updates at this moment.

But, as soon as I get off the phone, I’m going to walk up over to some of these officers and ask them what else they can tell me.

HUBBARD: Well, and, Natalie, I can tell you that we are just hearing from Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

We’re expecting a briefing in five minutes with more information on this.


HUBBARD: So, hopefully, we will get some new...


HUBBARD: We’re awaiting our Michael Konopasek, who is on the scene. And we hope to get to him in a minute.

But this is an update and some clarification from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, clarifying that parents should go to Northridge Rec Center, not the elementary school, to pick up their children, so...

SMITH: And so that...

HUBBARD: Go to Northridge Rec Center.

Here’s our Michael Konopasek on the scene.

Michael, can you hear us, and what are you seeing out there?

MICHAEL KONOPASEK, FOX31 REPORTER: Yes, lots of tears in parents’ eyes, as we were coming up here.

I’m going to go ahead and show you the scene right here. Law enforcement may push us back here in just a moment. We’re just down the street from the school.

I did just hear from a deputy, who told members of the media there is still one suspect at large. So we can confirm that, according to deputies out here on the scene, again, one suspect still at large right now.

Huge presence of fire trucks and sheriff’s deputies, vehicles and also ambulances. As we were coming in on 470, ambulances battling traffic, trying to get here on time. And as we parked just ahead of the road closure, and had to walk closer to the scene, saw a woman with tears in her eyes, asking us if we knew anything, because she’s just really frightened right now for her child at this school.

So it is a massive scene out here right now, a lot of information still unfolding, people in the area just unsure of what’s going on and if their child is OK. So you can imagine the fear and the worry and concern that these parents are experiencing right now -- Jeremy, Aristea, back to you.

BRADY: Michael, was that deputy able to confirm that two were in custody, in addition to the ones...

SMITH: Listening from our network news services station KCNC some students talking about their experience. Listen.

QUESTION: The school year here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not any threats that particularly stood out, I mean, a lot of the students, at least in the -- at least in the culture of the school.

Because it’s a very small school, we tend to make a lot of, I mean, crass jokes and those kind of gallows humor associated with being in a school that has relatively rigorous academic standards.

But the students were -- we didn’t really expect something like this. And we didn’t hear any sort of threats. And, obviously, there’s a lot of things wandering around our minds, like, who could have done this? Why did it happen?

But we have no idea. This was completely out of the blue.

QUESTION: (OFF-MIKE) the school? Is there a security guard? Is there...


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are. There a counselor. We have multiple counselors. And we have security at the school as well.

We’re -- we don’t have a resource officer, but we do employ security, yes.

QUESTION: Where did you head out to and where are you going now?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We first just like went the only way that we could, which was up the street behind the school, and we went to Chick-fil-A, where they were really nice, and they locked the doors, weren’t going to let anyone...

SMITH: So, kids are getting out of there. Parents with a staging ground.

And KDVR, our FOX31 in Denver, with a reporter on scene and a chopper overhead. Let’s listen.

KONOPASEK: And they’re off in the distance. We wouldn’t be able to see them and want to protect their -- but, yes, here we go with the air ambulance landing just on the other side of E-470.

HUBBARD: Mike, it’s worrisome to me.

KONOPASEK: So, yes we have seen families.

HUBBARD: OK, got it. Michael...

KONOPASEK: What is that, Jeremy?

HUBBARD: It’s worrisome to me that we’re seeing an air ambulance leave right -- or land right now, because we have been told of two people injured.

And we can only hope that they were already on the way to the hospital. In fact, our reporting said that was the case. So my fear is that when we see this air ambulance landing, there might be more injured.

We understand the press conference from Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is about to get under way. If we can show a live picture from that podium, it’s going to be here shortly, as we watch this air ambulance live land just outside STEM School in Highlands Ranch right now, after this school shooting this afternoon.


All right, Michael, we will get back to you here shortly.

Again, we are awaiting that press conference to start any minute.

If you are just joining us, Douglas County sheriff tweeting this. At 1:53, they responded to STEM School shooting.

SMITH: Listening now for the news conference.