Alex Rodriguez rips D.C. fans: ‘A world of difference’ compared to Philadelphia

April 1, 2019

Alex Rodriguez doesn’t appear to think highly of sports fans in the District.

During the Philadelphia Phillies’ win over the Atlanta Braves on “Sunday Night Baseball,” the ESPN analyst said there’s a “world of difference” between D.C. as a sports town compared to Philadelphia. Rodriguez made the remark after co-analyst Jessica Mendoza noted the reaction former Nationals star Bryce Harper had received from his new fans.

“D.C. is about 130 miles down the road, but let’s make it clear: There’s a world of difference between the markets,” Rodriguez said. “If you’re over there, you’re thinking about politics and what’s happening in the White House. And if you’re here this is a sports town. And they love their Phillies.”

This is a weird shot from A-Rod pic.twitter.com/gIAChgulgr Chris Lingebach (@ChrisLingebach) April 1, 2019

Harper, of course, signed a 13-year, $330 million contract in the offseason to join the Phillies. He makes his return to Nationals Park on Tuesday.