Dodge Rec Deputy reminds boaters to remain safe on area lakes

July 6, 2018

If there is one thing you might want to leave on Saturday, it is that 12-pack of brews and cherry bombs that you brought to shoot off before the Beaver Dam Lake Days fireworks show.

Dodge County Recreation Patrol Deputy Jason Roy said both can cause you problems when you are out on area lakes.

“With the fireworks, please don’t light the fireworks off from the boat,” Roy said. “They could cause an explosion.”

Roy was appointed to the position on May 12, so this is his first summer season in the role.

Fireworks can cause a lot of damage if they are accidentally ignited in a boat. Roy said alcohol itself has on average three times the effect on individuals in a boat than it does on land due to the environmental factors.

In general, though, Roy said registration violations are the most common infraction seen by the Recreation Patrol.

The stickers need to be updated every three years, Roy said. Boaters should also make sure that their lights work before leaving shore.

People must remember to have personal flotation devices available for easy use on the boat. Roy said adults do not have to have them on, but children must wear them when on the lakes.

Roy said his encounters with boaters are not always due to bad behavior.

“On the waters of Dodge County, just like traffic patrol, I am looking for adverse behavior,” Roy said. “Lots of times, I just approach them to say hi and ask how the fishing is going. I think it is helpful just to have a presence out there. I’m not out there in a negative fashion. I’m out there to make sure everyone is safe.”

Roy said he finds more recreational users of Lake Sinissippi, while Fox Lake and Beaver Dam Lake has its share of recreational users but also a lot of fishing.

“With the holidays and Beaver Dam Lake Day approaching, people should remember to have a designated driver on the lake,” Roy said.

Phones should be charged as well in case a boater needs to call 911 and flares and signaling devices should be on board.

“Try to always know where you are,” Roy said.

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