CHESAPEAKE, Va. (AP) — Fire officials in Virginia say lightning caused a fire in a senior apartment complex that killed three people early Saturday.

The Virginian-Pilot reported Tuesday that the blaze in Chesapeake started high up in the apartment complex, possibly the attic. Fire department Capt. Scott Saunders said firefighters may not be able to pinpoint the exact origin given the extent of the damage.

Chesapeake's fire department identified one of the victims as 61-year-old Cynthia Martenis. The two remaining victims have yet to be identified.

Saunders said the complex lacked sprinklers in the attic and wasn't required to have them. Chesapeake Crossing Senior Community Apartments had sprinklers in living areas. And smoke detectors were in each unit.

The apartments also lacked a separate fire alarm system but were not required to have one.