Changes Needed At Wyoming Area

March 1, 2019

Editor: A major change is needed in the Wyoming Area School District. The majority of the board voted that teachers should pay nothing toward their health care time and time again. Wyoming Area is in major debt. Homeowners risk losing their properties because of fiscal mismanagement. The majority directors are asking the state to raise taxes even higher. Don’t be fooled. They will probably cut back the requested increase before the election even though the new budget starts July 1. They raise taxes because there is no money, but they found $5,500 to pay back one teacher for their sick time, something never done before at Wyoming Area. This majority voted to sell Sarah J. Dymond School for practically nothing, while other communities were able to buy their hometown schools back for a dollar. We have heard their rhetoric too often. Matthew Bartoli Lara Best Len Pribula Jr. WEST PITTSTON