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Parker States Position on Nudity

January 1, 2001

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ Sarah Jessica Parker says her latest picture, ``State and Main,″ a comedy about a Hollywood production invading a sleepy New England town, rings true about the movie industry.

For example, the movie shows Parker’s character, Claire Wellesley, balking at performing nude, even though Wellesley had done so before. The real-life Parker has a no-nudity clause in her contracts, but she says there was one time when it was a problem.

``The producers had failed to read my contract,″ Parker told The Philadelphia Inquirer for Sunday’s editions. ``And the night before, when they were joking about the fact that I was going to be nude the next day, and I said, ‘No, I’m not,’ and they said, ‘Yes, you are,’ and I said, ‘No, really, I’m actually not’ _ only then did a bad situation arise from that, which was really distasteful.″

Parker said that happened a few years back, but she wouldn’t say which movie it was.

``I’ve got to save it for my book,″ she joked. ``And I remember every person’s name involved, and there are some big ones! But it was a good little life lesson ... You really start to appreciate the idea of harassment and what that means to people in the workplace.″

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