George Kroepil: Concerns about Prop. 409

August 3, 2018


Mr. Anderson’s letter in regards to Prop 409 hit home with me. There are many things about the whole budget system and how the state controls what a town can spend that in common sense makes no sense. There is also the action of giving a politician the option of spending more money and believe they will do it wisely, that gives me concern. Then there is the catch phrase “it won’t cost you anything or raise your taxes.” Really? Like we haven’t heard that snake oil sales pitch before.

Allegedly the city has this bottomless reserve that will cover this 100 percent increase. Forever? And where did this massive reserve come from? Well from you, the beloved tax payer, who has been overtaxed long enough to create this bottomless reserve. Why?

See, when a person is elected they attend the Politician 101 course, which teaches them how easy it is to spend other peoples’ money. When you need more you take some from here and some from there and if that is not enough you raise or create a new tax or fee. The one good thing about the current system is that it keeps in check the free spending habits of politicians.

I believe the city leaders have done a good job, all things considered, with the limited funds they were allowed to spend. We have an attractive City Hall, beautiful parks, roads overall are in good shape, and people are flocking to come here (temporarily and permanently). Yes sir, Lake Havasu City has a lot going for it.

However, I will concede that a change in our budget funding needs to come up to the 21st century. I am just leery of raising it this amount all at one time.

If the amount of increase was reduced to a smaller amount, say $1.25 million, and then in two years we could approve another $1.25 million and so on, I’m all in. But, increasing a child’s allowance by this amount is reckless.

George Kroepil

Lake Havasu City

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