Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

November 10, 2018

A new workout product promises to do something similar Sharon Stone in Total Recall working on her tennis game with a holographic mirror -- the $1,495, aptly-named Mirror, functions as any old mirror -- but turns into an interactive gym with the switch of a button.

Simply, you can see yourself -- as well as your instructor and your classmates -- projected in the mirror. The instructor gives tips and motivating shout-outs during the workout, like he or she is right there with you. A smartphone app controls the workouts.

It was created by Brynn Putnam, a professional ballerina-turned-boutique fitness studio owner. “About two years ago I found myself, a gym owner, struggling to get to my own gyms,” she said. “To me, a workout at home had always been sacrificing quality for convenience. You were putting a large treadmill or bike into your living room or struggling to watch a small screen on your phone while you watched a video on YouTube.”

The light bulb moment for Putnam came when she installed mirrors in her New York City-area boutique fitness studios, Refine Method, and saw how much clients liked working out in front of them.

In addition to the nearly $1,500 price tag, Mirror requires a $39 monthly subscription to access its live and on-demand classes. By comparison, the Peloton bike, another popular at-home workout device that streams live classes, starts at $2,245 for just the bike and also requires a $39 per month subscription.

Mirror requires the space of a yoga mat for its workouts, which include everything from cardio and strength -- the most popular so far -- to boxing, yoga, barre and Pilates, she says.

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