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Floods Kill 5 People, Maroon 100,000 Others

May 16, 1995

DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) _ Torrential rains that ended a five-month drought killed five people and marooned 100,000 others in Bangladesh, officials said Tuesday.

Three children were washed away by a 7-foot tidal wave off the coast of Cox’s Bazar, 185 miles south of Dhaka. Two other people died when their house collapsed on neighboring Dhalchar Island, officials said.

The downpour began Monday, followed by a 6-foot tidal wave in the Bay of Bengal that flooded dozens of villages along the southern coast.

At least 1,000 huts were washed away, and shrimp and salt farms in the area were destroyed, said an official at the Cox’s Bazar cyclone warning center.

Red Cross volunteers evacuated at least 100,000 people, and another 100,000 were trapped inside their homes in dozens of flooded villages, the official said.

Despite the tragedy, residents of the low-lying delta nation said they were relieved the drought was finally over.

The government estimates 1.7 million tons of rice were lost because of the drought and a heat wave that killed two people.

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