SE Minnesota returns most incumbents to Minnesota House

November 9, 2018
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Barb Haley

While Democrats were able to flip at least 15 seats to take control of the Minnesota House, most of the incumbents who got the heave-ho represented suburban districts.

Southeast Minnesota was an oasis of stability by comparison, as all the incumbents for the state House in the region, whether Democrat or Republican, were re-elected or were heading for re-election.

Here are the results:

• 21A: Incumbent Republican Barb Haley defeated Democrat Lori Ann Cark 56.91 percent to 43.05 percent.

• 21B: Incumbent Republican Steve Drazkowski defeated Democrat Jonathan Isenor 63.43 percent to 36.47 percent.

• 25A: Incumbent Republican Duane Quam defeated Democrat Jamie Mahlberg 53.62 percent to 46.29 percent.

• 25B: Incumbent Democrat Duane Sauke defeated Republican Kenneth Bush 60.10 percent to 39.78 percent.

• 26A: Incumbent Democrat Tina Liebling defeated Republican Paul Wilson 63.21 percent to 36.65 percent.

• 27A: Incumbent Republican Peggy Bennett defeated Democrat Terry Gjersvik 56.52 percent to 43.43 percent.

• 27B: Incumbent Democrat Jeanne Poppe was ahead of Republican Christine Green 57.64 percent to 42.31 percent with 27 of 42 precincts reporting.

• 28A: Incumbent Democrat Gene Pelowski ran unopposed.

• 28B: Incumbent Republican Greg Davids defeated Thomas Trehus 55.44 percent to 44.49 percent.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Senate remains in Republican hands. In a St. Cloud-area special election to replace Michelle Fischbach, who left the Senate to become lieutenant governor, Jeff Howe defeated Democrat Joe Perske by 16 percentage points. Republicans hold a 34-33 advantage in the state senate.

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