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Many Sydney Olmpic Tickets Left

June 1, 2000

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) _ One million Olympic tickets could still be for sale at the start of the Sydney Games in September, a senior official said Thursday.

Bob Leece, the Olympic Coordination Authority deputy director-general, said analysts had told him tickets for a wide range of sports would be available when the games get under way on Sept. 15.

``We have yet to close off our current selling program ... and there are tickets available,″ Leece said. ``Obviously we’ve anticipated some of those to be consumed in that period. But the ticket analysts ... are saying that they do expect a million tickets by the time of the games.″

Later, a spokesman for the Sydney organizing committee backed away from Leece’s comments, saying it was difficult to know how many tickets would be available when the games started.

``We have more than a million tickets to go to the marketplace this month,″ he said. ``It is stating the obvious that we don’t really know how many tickets will be available when the games start.″

``Between now and when the games start there will be an aggressive selling campaign.″

The organizing committee has nearly finished its third round of sales, totaling 3.2 million tickets, through News Limited newspapers in Australia. After that, the remaining tickets will be sold through call centers, the Internet, and then through SOCOG and Ticketek box offices.

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