Update: Missing person podcast features Jarski case

October 12, 2018

It’s been a month since Daniel A. Jarski, of Grant Park, went missing.

Jarski left home sometime on Sept. 9. His wallet, keys and phone were left at the house.

Janace Jarski, Daniel’s wife, said it was not uncommon for him to leave those items.

He did take the key to the van off his ring of keys. He also left with his driver’s license and insurance card.

The 62-year-old Jarski is 6-feet tall, 300 pounds, with blue eyes, gray hair and fair skin.

Jarski’s van was found in a hunting area parking lot of Kankakee River State Park west of Warner Bridge Road on the south side of the river on Sept. 11.

On Oct. 8, his case was featured on “ The Vanished Podcast,” a weekly podcast hosted by Marissa Jones with Wondery that features a different missing persons case each week.

Jones interviewed Janace about the events leading up to and after her husband went missing.

“How do you function?” Janace said. “We have a young son (in college). He asked if he should come home. I said, ‘No. You have to go on.’”

Jarski said she has gone back to work.

“You try to go on ... (you) don’t know how you do it,” Janace said.

The couple has been married 22 years.

More details

According to the podcast, Janace spent Sept. 8 overnight at her father’s home taking care of him. She does that twice per week.

One of the couple’s three sons was home on Sept. 8 and spoke with his father.

However, he did not see him on Sept. 9.

Video obtained from an overpass on Interstate 57 shows Jarski’s red van heading west, according to the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department.

Daniel liked looking for old bottles along and in the river.

The van was discovered at a hunting area parking lot at Kankakee River State Park on the river’s south side and west of Warner Bridge by the son of a family friend.

“The only thing that bothered us was we could not find the key and the van was unlocked,” Janace said.

A check of the trip odometer showed it had been driven 1.9 miles. Janace said the trip from their Grant Park home to state park is 20 miles.

The spare key for the van was found in the spare tire compartment. Janace said her husband always kept the spare there or in one of the wheel wells.

In the summers, the retired science teacher traveled to antique events, selling bottles and other items. It was a reason for the spare key.

Dogs used on Sept. 11 picked up Daniel’s scent on Illinois Route 113 across from the parking lot. It appears he might have been walking back and forth for 30 feet on the opposite side of the road.

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