We’ll fight to protect innocent humans

April 14, 2019

After the historic defeat of what I believed to be the radical abortion-on-demand House Bill 51 and the prescription suicide House Bill 90 this legislative session, some were astounded by the idea of moderate Democrats putting constituents over partisanship and opposing anti-life legislation.

Outside groups, like Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains Action Fund, responded to the defeat of HB 51 with what seemed to be threats toward pro-life Democrats, disseminating a fundraising email titled, “They don’t know what they’ve started,” which detailed deep-pocketed anti-life supporters angrily writing $500 checks to the group.

But the threats are not just here at home. Nationally, Planned Parenthood and other groups are targeting moderates like pro-choice U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, solely for voting “Yea” on the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Right before Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Planned Parenthood Action Fund sent out press statements and tweets threatening, “Vote no on Kavanaugh, or else we’re coming for you.” The group Crowdpac has raised more than $3 million to fund Collins’ nonexistent 2020 opponent for her vote on the jurist’s confirmation.

The same threats seem to be trickling down into the Land Of Enchantment, intimidating pro-life New Mexico legislators of both parties, with threats like that of Planned Parenthood going into the next election cycle. However, despite the blackmail attempts, pro-life New Mexicans have delivered monumental, bipartisan pro-life victories, with far less money.

Even though heavily funded pro-abortion coalitions like Respect NM Women threw thousands in cash at HB 51, New Mexicans organized a truly grassroots campaign to stop the bill, ultimately delivering over 22,000 signatures in opposition to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s office (double that of Respect NM Women), and calling legislators on the bill. On March 14, the Senate voted down the measure, with eight Democrats voting no along with all Senate Republicans (“Repeal of outdated abortion law fails,” March 15).

Despite the menacing messages from abortion radicals, New Mexicans continue to prove that they support life and reject abortion extremism in this great state. With the multiple life-affirming victories during this Legislature alone, it confirms that New Mexicans support protecting the most vulnerable in our society above partisan loyalty and together can make their voices heard, above all odds. Real citizens from all over the state delivered these monumental victories, not well-funded political activists.

The abortion lobby can throw as much money and vitriol as it likes at the upcoming 2020 election, but pro-life New Mexicans will unite once again to prove we will not be blackmailed into voting against life. What’s at stake is far greater than a political win. The very fabric of our heritage and culture is based on pro-life values, and we will never stop fighting to protect innocent human life.

John Block is a native New Mexican and writes about local pro-life and conservative politics on the website JohnForNM.com.