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No Dieting Necessary for Princess of Wales

July 3, 1986

EXETER, England (AP) _ Princess Diana says she could eat anything and never put on an ounce of weight - if she ever had time for meals.

Just how the 25-year-old mother of two stays slim is the topic of constant speculation in the tabloid press. Theories have ranged from rigid dieting to anorexia, a hypothesis dismissed by Buckingham Palace.

On Wednesday, Diana dashed the hopes of innumerable admirers who would like to look just like her.

As she toured a health center in Exeter, the princess popped into a cafe and chatted with head chef Jennie Dingle, 26, and assistant chef, Bridgette Coles, 24.

Peering at pizzas and a huge blackberry cheesecake, she said, ″I could eat all that. I never get the chance to sit down and eat proper food. I never put an ounce on - it doesn’t matter what I eat. I can eat as much as I like.

″When I get home I just have to chase around for a chicken leg because I am so busy,″ said the Princess of Wales.

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