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Medellin Businessman and Alleged Escobar Associate Found Murdered

March 2, 1993

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) _ The body of a Medellin businessman with alleged ties to fugitive druglord Pablo Escobar was found Monday hours after he was abducted, police reported.

The body of Luis Guillermo Londono White, who had been taken from his luxury apartment earlier in the day by about 25 armed men, was found outside Medellin bearing a note that said, ″For collaborating with Pablo Escobar.″

Police said the note was signed by the so-called Pepes, or People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar, a group that has vowed to attack anyone involved with the drug cartel leader who escaped prison last July.

In recent weeks the Pepes have launched 11 attacks against properties belonging to Escobar, his family and associates. In one attack, Escobar’s $4 million classic car collection was burned.

Monday’s murder came 48 hours after the victim’s brother’s home was burned in an attack also attributed to the Pepes.

Diego Londono White told local television that the Pepes arrived at his home looking for him, and set fire to the house when he couldn’t be found.

Diego Londono White has said that he once designed homes for Escobar. Authorities believe both brothers have had professional and personal relationships with the cartel leader.

The recent attacks on the alleged cartel associates come just as the Medellin cartel is being further weakened by the surrenders of some of its top lieutenants.

The man considered by police to be the financial brains behind the Medellin cocaine cartel surrendered to authorities Sunday night in Medellin.

Jose Fernando Posada turned himself in to representatives of the public prosecutors’ office who had arranged to meet him outside a movie theater, said the attorney general’s office.

The 38-year-old Posada was later taken to the maximum security prison in the Medellin suburb of Itagui where 17 other cartel members are being held.

He is the fourth cartel leader to turn himself in recent weeks. Three other military leaders have also surrendered under a government offer of lenient treatment.

Another alleged cartel member, Willaim Cardenas Calle, surrendered Monday in Medellin and was taken to the Itagui prison, police said.

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