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Napster Wins Stay in Appeals Court

July 28, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Two federal appeals judges Friday granted Napster Inc. a stay allowing the music trading service to stay online at least temporarily.

The wildly popular service was facing a midnight PDT deadline for shutting down after a lower court judge sided with the recording industry, which claimed Napster allowed users to violate copyrights.

Napster employees screamed jubilantly at hearing Friday’s news from a two-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a company spokeswoman said.

Before the stay, tens of thousands of outraged users had pledged to boycott the recording industry in retaliation for its lawsuit _ and looked for alternative music-sharing programs.

``The recording industry is a mafia,″ said Christian Viveros, a 37-year-old amateur musician from Russells Point, Ohio, encountered in a Napster chat room. ``Too much greed in the world.″

On one Web site, more than 60,000 people had signed an electronic petition vowing not to buy music unless the Recording Industry Association of America dropped its lawsuit against Napster. That would cost the industry nearly $1 million if each of those people refused to buy just one $15 CD.

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