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Senate, CIA agree torture program was mismanaged

December 24, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate report on the CIA’s interrogation program and the spy agency’s official response clash on almost every aspect of the long-secret operation. But both reports largely agree on one major failure: the CIA’s mismanagement of the operation.

The 525-page summary from the Senate Intelligence Committee paints a chaotic landscape of bureaucratic dysfunction. It shows an agency unprepared to take control of terrorist prisoners, unqualified field interrogators who overstepped their legal authority and CIA bosses ignorant of how many detainees were warehoused in their overseas prisons.

The CIA agrees that the agency made serious management missteps. But the agency said breakdowns came in the program’s early days and that internal changes corrected most of the disarray before President George W. Bush ordered the “black site” prisons emptied in 2006.

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