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Air Force Hospital Used to Debrief Freed American Hostages With AM-Hostages, Bjt

April 22, 1990

WIESBADEN, West Germany (AP) _ So many American hostages have passed through the U.S. Air Force hospital here after their release that it has been dubbed ″Freedom Hall.″

The hospital in Wiesbaden has been used since 1981, when 52 American hostages were debriefed there after they were freed from 444 days of captivity in Iran.

It has been used because of its proximity to the Rhein-Main Air Base, about about 20 miles to the east, where aircraft returning from the Middle East have landed.

Hostages are give full medical, dental and mental health examinations and are asked to recount their experiences by a special team from the U.S. State Department, which has been in Wiesbaden since the middle of last week.

Most of the hostages have talked to the news media during their stay at the hospital. Occasionally relatives have joined them there.

Mental health workers from a military medical team are usually the first group to greet the returning captives.

The hospital also was used for the 39 Americans held on a hijacked TWA jetliner in Lebanon in June 1985.

Some of the former hostages from Iran donated a plaque that now hangs in a section of the hospital known as ″Freedom Hall,″ the U.S. military newspaper Stars and Stripes reported recently.

The last hostage to pass through the debriefing and examination process was Mithileshwar Singh, an Indian citizen and U.S. resident, who was freed in 1988 from captivity in Beirut.

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