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October 28, 1988

ST. EDWARD, Neb. (AP) _ The final score was St. Edward 76, Silver Creek 56, but Chad Micek 64, Silver Creek 56 would be just as appropriate.

Micek, a tailback for St. Edward, rushed for 465 yards, scored nine touchdowns and added five two-point conversions to account for all but 12 of Silver Creek’s points in the high school football game Wednesday night.

Micek’s 44 carries included scoring runs of 58, 47, 41, 28, 28, 11, 7 and 5 yards. He also returned a kickoff 59 yards for another score.

Despite his startling numbers, Micek fell well short of the unofficial state rushing record of 525 yards, set in 1912 by John Cook of Beatrice.


CINCINNATI (AP) - Chicago investor Carl Kroch says he wants to make the Cincinnati Reds organization stronger, not drag it through the mud.

Reds president and chief executive officer Marge Schott says Kroch is besmirching the club.

″I think it’s a great organization and I want it to be even better,″ said Kroch, a limited Reds partner who is suing Schott asking that the Reds’ financial records be opened.

Mrs. Schott and her attorneys claim that Kroch has either seen the records he wants or is not entitled to see them. They include Reds’ income tax returns, cash-flow statements and other documents.

With a hearing into his lawsuit scheduled today, Kroch declined to discuss the merits of his case against Mrs. Schott.

Kroch would not say why he wants the records but he, along with limited partners George Strike and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nippert have complained about the lack of cash distributions as well as business transactions that favor Schott’s car companies.

Kroch said he is tired of reading in wire reports and national publications that Mrs. Schott is the Reds ″majority owner.″

″That’s one thing I wish you’d all correct,″ Kroch said. ″She’s not the majority owner ... She is the general partner.″

Mrs. Schott owns six of the 15 shares in the Reds, according to documents included with Kroch’s court filings. She would have to own eight or more shares to be majority owner.

Kroch, Strike and each of the Nipperts own one share apiece.


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) - Syracuse Orangemen forward Derrick Coleman is in Detroit for the funeral of a friend killed in a gangland-style shooting, his second friend shot and killed in the last year, a team official said.

Coleman, a junior, will be back in Syracuse by Monday after attending services for Darryl Dixon, 20, who was shot in the head while sitting in a car Tuesday night, Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said.

Another friend, Clarence Scott, 17, was killed in a shooting last year.

″He’s hurt,″ Boeheim said of Coleman. ″He’s having a difficult time handling it. It’s hard to go through once, let alone two years in a row.″


PHOENIX (AP) - Biopsy results are expected today on actress Brigitte Nielsen, her doctor said.

Dr. Rochelle Sanders said she performed the biopsy as part of an evaluation for expected cervical cancer.

Ms. Sanders said Ms. Nielsen’s anxiety over her condition ″has been significantly interfering with her professional and private life.″

Ms. Nielsen traveled to Eagar, the family home of her companion, Mark Gastineau, who announced his retirement last week from the NFL’s New York Jets.

The two went there for privacy and family support from Gastineau’s family, Ms. Sanders said.

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