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Latest Gifts For Drought Victims: T-Shirts

May 9, 1985

NEW YORK (AP) _ MTV, the music television network, has joined forces with Catholic Relief Services to help clothe the children of drought-stricken Ethiopia with American-style T-shirts.

″It’s the most practical thing a kid can wear,″ said Beth Griffin of Catholic Relief Services, which hopes to gather and ship 500,000 T-shirts to Ethiopia.

″Exact size isn’t so important, they are unisex, and they’re culturally acceptable for everyday wear in Africa,″ she said.

Ms. Griffin said MTV has promised 1,000 MTV shirts to get the ball rolling, and will appeal to its viewers to donate shirts to Catholic Relief.

″It just came up, almost overnight,″ said MTV spokeswoman Doreen Lauer. ″All we know is that it starts Monday, and that we’ll ask viewers to wash them and send them to Catholic Relief Services.″

Harriet Sternberg of USA for Africa, the rock superstar collective which produced the ″We Are The World″ album and single to raise money for the starving African people, said the group also would also ask T-shirt manufacturers for donations.

″We’re just a bunch of rock ‘n’ rollers who are learning as we go along, but I think this one will fly,″ Ms. Sternberg said.

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