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Up there, Earth looks serene -- State Journal editorial from 50 years ago

Staff WriterMay 18, 2019

This State Journal editorial ran on May 20, 1969, two months before American astronaut Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon:

It looked like a child’s marble floating in space.

A blue, green and white glassie that gods might use in an interstellar game.

What was it? Only the Earth as seen from the Apollo 10 spacecraft from 22,000 miles out as it streaked toward the moon.

For astronauts Thomas P. Stafford, John W. Young and Eugene A. Cernan, that marble was a beautiful sight. In fact, “It looked like a nice place to live,” they conceded.

It would look even nicer to them as they rode farther and farther from it, on the risky scouting mission to obtain more information and expertise before Apollo 11’s crew actually goes for a landing on the moon.

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