Long on ignorance, short on details

April 8, 2019

So President Donald Trump is seeking to use the federal judicial system to finally kill the Affordable Care Act. This man is determined to destroy everything good that President Barack Obama’s administration managed to do, in spite of congressional Republicans stamping their little feet and hollering “no” to everything he proposed.

Trump promises a plan that will make health care “much less expensive” for everyone, and that people with pre-existing conditions will be able to participate. Yeah, right. His people admit that there is, to date, no new plan. And if there were, it would probably be no better thought out than his “Muslim ban,” which put international travel into chaos and resulted in people reaching America and finding the door shut and locked against them.

A new health care plan probably would be cobbled together at the last minute with as much thought as was given to the declaration to virtual war on Latinos at our southern border. The daily news is filled with the tragic results of that inane idea.

The Trump administration is the most incompetent in our history. And, if our incompetent-in-chief succeeds in doing away with the ACA with no replacement plan in place, or with one that is long on ignorance and short on details, our entire health care system is headed for complete collapse. Thousands will die, and our I-am-not responsible-in-chief will try to pin it on our last real president.

Adele E. Zimmermann lives in Embudo.