Pet owner leaves no stone unturned in search for ‘Fluffy’

September 25, 2018

A West Houston businessman is offering a $3,000 reward for the safe recovery of one of his best friends and office pet — Fluffy.

“Yes it is crazy and we know it but it is true,” says the stolenfluffy.com website.

Sean Panahi, owner of Discount Auto Co., 1990 S Texas 6, Houston, said Fluffy and his brother, Garfield, were born in his office in June 2017to a stray cat. Their mom passed away and Panahi said he took care of them.

“I really, really took care of them,” he said. Adding that the loss of Fluffy “took the wind out of me.”

Fluffy went missing about 9:30 p.m. Aug. 2 and Panhai has posted 100 signs through the community, including S. Mason Road in Katy, on vans and on Facebook, trying to bring him back home. Visit https://stolenfluffy.com/ for more information.

The webpage says, “The full $3,000 reward goes to any person who provides us with his location where he is being held as a pet or anything else for that matter.

“If you find Fluffy on the street and grab him for us and bring it to our office, you will be rewarded $2,500. And for the kicks, if the person who took him brings him back, he will still receive $1,000 and we will part friends. Please note that the reward will be much higher if you know the person or the place he is being held,” according to stolenfluffy.com

Panahi has scoured nearby neighborhoods looking for Fluffy, contacted area animal shelters and filed a report with the Houston Police Department. He’s made three banners and had them posted on vans parked in different places in addition to stickers to post on bumpers and laminated fliers distributed throughout the community.

Both Fluffy and Garfield had microchips implanted. Panahi is hoping the chip will help officials identify Fluffy when he turns up.

The brothers lived at the business and Panahi installed a door for them to be able to go in and out when they needed to.

“One morning I realized he didn’t come back and didn’t show up,” said Panahi, adding there was zero chance of him not coming back unless someone took him.

He found the tile tracker and name tag attached to Fluffy’s collar nearby on grass behind the tree line behind a restaurant near Texas 6 and Westheimer. “This led us to believe he might be alive and living as someone’s pet not far from here,” said Panahi on his website, which contains multiple photos of Fluffy to help people locate the missing pet with a white chest and four white paws.

“I knew someone had taken him. I started looking for him from the get-go.”

“Fluffy has a very, well, fluffy tail. We used to give him a lion cut once a month and therefore he looks like a mini lion,” wrote Panahi. “His tail is the give away feature.”

Because he was an office cat, he socialized with the people who came into the business. “People would pet him and make comments,” said Panahi.

Panahi said he thinks Garfield saw something. “He was scared to go out for a while. He wouldn’t eat. For 10 days he was kind of depressed.” Since then, he’s brought in another cat that a friend was unable to care for to keep Garfield company.

“I hope Fluffy turns up. I hope to find him,” said Panahi. “He was always sitting on my desk while I was working. He is my best friend.”


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