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Mother Convicted Of Murder Recants, Implicates Son

June 26, 1987

PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) _ A woman who was convicted of murdering her husband has withdrawn her confession and implicated her son, who has been arrested after a four-month investigation, prosecutors said.

Geraldine Reid’s son, Fred Asher Reid Jr., 23, was arraigned on first- degree murder charges Thursday in the June 26, 1985, shooting death of his father, Fred A. Reid.

He also was charged with possessing a firearm while committing a felony and was being held without bond in Oakland County Jail. He faces a preliminary hearing Monday.

The son’s arrest followed an investigation triggered by a letter Mrs. Reid wrote to police recanting her confession and claiming her son shot her husband.

Mrs. Reid, 41, of Brandon Township, has been imprisoned since January following her conviction on second-degree murder charges. She had been sentenced to five to 15 years in prison.

Oakland County Prosecutor L. Brooks Patterson said Mrs. Reid originally had ″felt she was in a better position to beat the charge, that she could use the ... spouse abuse defense.

″She has since recanted. She took five polygraph tests, and we examined additional evidence. I don’t believe now that she killed him.″

Mrs. Reid’s attorney, Lawrence Kaluzny, said he would seek to have her conviction overturned. But Patterson said she still could face charges of helping her son and obstructing justice.

Patterson said Mrs. Reid changed her mind out of concern for her son.

″She considered her son to be a danger to society,″ he said.

Detectives and Kaluzny had suspected for some time that Mrs. Reid did not commit the murder, which occurred at her Ortonville home.

″The first day I saw her I said I didn’t think she did it,″ Kaluzny said. ″I told her to tell me the truth. If your son did it, I think you should tell me now. She said ’No, I shot him. Freddy was not there.‴

Detective Sgt. Fred Scholz said Mrs. Reid had been beaten and abused by her husband.

Scholz said he had suspected her son shot his father to protect his mother. ″But what ... could I do when the mother is saying she did it?″

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