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Kangaroo Stew Makes Debut

June 2, 1987

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Kangaroo stew has made a splash with diners at Wallaby’s restaurant on Pier 33.

″They like it, mate,″ Australian chef Dennis Clews said Monday. ″We’re running out of stew and the lunch crowd is still coming.″

Dark and slightly sweet, looking a little like venison and tasting vaguely like beef, the ’roo in the stew was the first feature in Wallaby’s new kangaroo cuisine.

Kangaroo tail soup, at $12.95 a serving, has made its debut. Braised kangaroo goes on the menu next week, if the 200 pounds of rare kangaroo meat last that long.

The meat was among the first shipments into the country under relaxed Australian kangaroo export laws, said Gerald Prolman of Night Bird Game and Poultry Co.

″If I didn’t know it was kangaroo, I couldn’t guess what it was,″ said diner Marcia Michael. ″It was a bit sweeter than beef, it sure wasn’t lamb and it wasn’t boring like rabbit.″

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