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O.J. Simpson Trial Quotes

February 1, 1995

Selected quotes concerning the O.J. Simpson murder trial Tuesday:

``Now, last week you heard Mr. Cochran talking about a witness named Mary Anne Gerchas. ... He said it was a very important witness ... telling you that she claimed to have seen four men on the night of the murders, at least two of whom were Hispanic, at least one or two were wearing a knit cap, and that she thinks she saw them possibly running from the area of Nicole Simpson’s condo on the night of the murders. ... She spoke to her friend, Sheila Carter, the day after the murders of Ronald and Nicole. She told her friend, Sheila Carter, that she was not even at Bundy on the night of the murders. Mary Anne Gerchas had planned to look at an apartment in Brentwood on the night of the murders on June the 12th. The next day she spoke to Sheila Carter and said she did not go to Brentwood on that night, and she was glad because there had been murders committed there the night before.″ _ Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark in her expanded opening statement about defense witness Mary Anne Gerchas.

``She said that O.J. had slapped her, hit her with his fist and kicked her and pulled her by the hair. ... She said, `He’s going to kill me.′ ... I said `Who’s going to kill you?′ She said, `O.J.′ ... She was hysterical. She had pushed (the gate button) more than once. She pushed it three or four times like she was panicking. She ran out to me ... she clung on to me. ... She was wet. She was shivering. She was cold. I could feel her bones, and she was real cold. And she was beat up.″ _ Detective John Edwards about responding to Jan. 1, 1989, domestic violence call at Simpson estate.

``He said, `I don’t want that woman in my bed anymore. I’ve got two other women. I don’t want that woman in my bed.‴ _ Edwards quoting O.J. Simpson while he was at Simpson home.

``She said there was two other women living in the house and that O.J. Simpson had sex with one of them prior to going to bed that night with her.″ _ Edwards quoting Nicole Brown Simpson about cause of fight before she was beaten.

``She said, `You guys never do anything,′ something to the effect that `you never do anything about him, you’ve come out here eight times, you never do anything.′ She said, `I want him arrested, I want my kids back. I want to go in the house.‴ _ Edwards describing Nicole Brown Simpson’s complaint about police.

``At first I heard a female screaming. ... I heard someone being hit. ... I heard what I thought was a slap.″ _ Police dispatcher Sharyn Gilbert describing 911 call early Jan. 1, 1989.

``It’s unconscionable, I believe, to have not just the jury but the people who live and work in Los Angeles, the United States and the world see my police department, the Los Angeles Police Department, maligned in the way that is being done in this trial.″ _ Los Angeles police Chief Willie Williams supporting his department against frame-up allegations by Simpson defense team.

``LAPD is not on trial. This is not the People of California against the Los Angeles Police Department. This isn’t a case where we’re accused of beating someone, killing someone. That isn’t the case. This is an investigation that we were charged to conduct and we did, and now we’re the bumbling idiots of law enforcement that can’t get anything right. That’s what’s offensive.″ _ Police Protective League spokesman Dennis Zine about allegations against the LAPD.

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