Tony wants to raise the Barr in his run for Bridgeport’s mayor

January 28, 2019

BRIDGEPORT-Now there are four.

Tony Barr, known for his bombastic statements and being a second chance citizen, announced he, too wants to be mayor of the state’s largest city.

The 52-year-old community activist announced his candidacy Sunday at the Orcutt Boys and Girls Club. He chose the site because “that’s where I hung out as a kid. I’m gonna have these kids back when I’m mayor.”

“People say I’m delusional. That I’m crazy,” said Barr, who has had his run-ins with police and politicians over the years. “I’m the smartest guy in this whole damn city...There’s a big surprise coming—a very big surprise.”

And just what that surprise is Barr wouldn’t say.”

Barr joins Mayor Joe Ganim, the incumbent, the Rev. Charles Stallworth, a state representative and State Sen. Marilyn Moore in seeking the Democratic nomination which is tantamount to election in the Park City.

“My position is Stallworth and Moore need to get out of the race,” he said. “Anybody who already holds an elected position should be forced to resign that position once they announce they are running for mayor.”

He asked why Moore who sits on the state bonding commission and could bring funding into Bridgeport would even considering running for mayor.

“She’s already got an opportunity to do something big for Bridgeport,” he said.

Barr joins Ganim as the second second chance citizen in the mayoral race. It’s been reported Barr once served a 20-year sentence for firing a machine gun at an undercover officer while serving an enforcer for a drug gang.

“That’s good reading,” he said. “You think if I pointed a gun or fired a machine gun at a cop I’d be talking to you?”

Nevertheless Barr found himself in trouble again three years ago when he went to the City Hall and allegedly threatened to “blow the mayor’s head off.”

Barr pleaded guilty to breach of peace and received a suspended six month sentence.

And last November he got accused of assaulting a peace officer, resisting arrest and inciting a riot after he receiving a parking ticket.

“I was the one who got assaulted by police,” Barr said. “I’m still going to the doctor for blurry vision I got after they sucker punched me...Those parking meters should be part of the FBI’s scrap iron probe.”

Barr pooh-poohed reports that he doesn’t know how to interact with people.

“I’m not a hot head,” he said. “I’m a people person.”

And as a person of the people, he promised to bring jobs and money into Bridgeport.

“Any contract that this city gives out when I’m mayor will have a requirement that 60 percent of the jobs created go to Bridgeport residents,” Barr said.

But that’s not all. He said he’ll require all police officers to live in the city and do away with the foreclosure cases the Water Pollution Control Authority brings against homeowners who are delinquent on their bills.

And when he’s done as mayor he said Bridgeport will be known as something more than just the Park City. “It’s going to look like Heaven.”

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