Travel Tips for Seniors

July 24, 2018


You may have noticed that a lot of retailers and businesses offer senior discounts and travel is no different. Your local travel agent can help you find the best deals and groups for you, as can many retirement groups, like the AARP.

Fitting in

Working with a travel professional can also keep you to sights and destinations that interest you and away from, say, seven days of college spring break keg stands and beer pong. There are many exclusively senior travel groups and vacations that cater to you and your needs.

Get checked out

See your doctor before you go, especially if you’re traveling internationally You may need extra vaccinations — the CDC says more than half of tetanus cases are in people over 65. Your doctor may also prescribe medicines for malaria, travelers diarrhea and other common travel ailments. Also check with your insurance plan and purchase additional travel health insurance, if necessary, to make sure you’re covered should something happen on your trip.

When you’re on the go

The TSA allows some senior travelers — those over 75 — an expedited security screening. Those passengers can leave on shoes and light jackets when going through security. Passengers in wheelchairs can also ask for an alternative screening, as can travelers with medical devices. If you’re going to be traveling often, you may consider looking into TSA PreCheck, an expedited security program. In February 2018, the TSA says 93 percent of PreCheck holders waited less than 5 minutes to go through airport security. For a tee, travelers can apply online, report to an enrollment center with the appropriate documents, and get a known traveler number to add to their airline tickets.

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