Red Wing to host spruced-up ‘Enemy of the People’

August 10, 2018

RED WING — Many people roll their eyes at the thought of attending a play written by Henrik Ibsen. Works by the great Norwegian storyteller have a reputation for being dark, moody, plodding, and heavy.

But they’re also surprisingly timeless and relevant. Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People,” which opens Friday in Red Wing, is particularly applicable to the times we’re in now.

The production, by Twin Cities-based Sod House Theater, will be presented through Sunday in Red Wing’s historic Colvill Park. And to spruce up the Norwegian woods setting of the play, the show will be accompanied by live bluegrass music.

All of that should put a new shine on Ibsen’s classic about a community’s reaction when a local doctor threatens to reveal that the water on which the town relies to attract tourists is tainted. How far will the townspeople go to protect their secret and avoid financial ruin?

Sod House Theater was founded to present works that are relevant to smaller communities and perform them in venues that are historically important to the area.

Red Wing’s Colvill Park is located on the Mississippi River and is a popular spot for viewing eagles, especially during the late-winter months. The park is named for Col. William Colvill, who led the First Minnesota regiment at the battle of Gettysburg. A show about water performed near a river. It doesn’t get more relevant than that.

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