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Bush, Dukakis in Fine Health

November 2, 1988

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Doctors for both presidential candidates say they are in excellent health, except for minor conditions not unusual for people of their ages and lifestyles.

Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis suffers an occasional backache made worse by campaign travel, Dr. Gerald Plotkin said. He issued a medical statement on Dukakis’ health last September after a routine medical checkup at the Harvard Community Health Plan’s Wellesley Center.

The candidate ″was found to be in excellent health,″ Plotkin said.

″Over the last eight to 10 months he has had intermittent, nagging low back discomfort exacerbated by long periods of sitting in airplanes,″ the doctor said.

Plotkin said then that Dukakis, who will be 55 Thursday, took an occasional anti-inflammatory medication to ease the back pain. Dukakis told The New York Times in an interview published today that he had an occasional but no longer bothersome sore back.

Plotkin said Dukakis had only received treatment for routine ailments, such as hay fever and muscle sprains, and ″has had no psychological symptoms, complaints or treatment.″

″He has had no significant illnesses during his lifetime and has been in excellent health,″ Plotkin said. ″He has never appeared depressed to me.″

Doctors interviewed by the Times said George Bush, 64, is in excellent health. Bush has a mild enlargement of the prostate gland but they do not expect corrective surgery to be necessary in the next four years.

He had a basal cell skin cancer removed from his face in 1986, but has no symptoms of other cancers. He is allergic to bee stings but is receiving immunotherapy injections to stave off potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.

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