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Mother Accused of Killing Daughter Even Though She ‘Worshiped’ Her

August 7, 1992

NEW YORK (AP) _ Daisey Hutson, 68, watched her daughter ruin her life - and their close relationship - with crack cocaine. And after years of being harassed, robbed and threatened, she decided she couldn’t take it anymore.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Hutson took a .22-caliber gun and shot to death her only child on a Queens sidewalk, police said.

Drug-related murders are commonplace in the hardscrabble St. Albans neighborhood bordering Kennedy Airport. But Detective James Gibbons said he’s never seen someone Mrs. Hutson’s age drawn so deeply into the vortex.

″They were very close at one point and seeing a mother that age ... well even as a cop you feel a little for her,″ said Gibbons. ″Of course, from a cop’s point of view you also have a person who was shot dead.″

Just hours before the shooting of Rennee Hutson, 48, a relative said Mrs. Hutson was still optimistic about her daughter’s future.

″She worshiped the ground that little fool walked on,″ Ronnie Hutson, 45, Daisey’s cousin, said Thursday. ″All she talked about was how Rennee was going to get better and how they’d do things together again.″

Neighbors and relatives said Rennee, who once led a stable life working in a chemical laboratory, began smoking crack eight years ago and soon hounded her mother for the money to get drugs.

For years, Rennee threatened her mother and broke into her home for drug money.

Mrs. Hutson gave her daughter money, at least several thousand dollars, police said. Ronnie Hutson said she even gave her a ″brand new Oldsmobile Cutlass″ a few years ago even though she had no car and took the bus to her job as a postal worker.

On Tuesday, police said Rennee tried to break into the small apartment where her mother was visiting her 92-year-old, bedridden grandmother.

After a series of confrontations with her daughter that day, police say Daisey Hutson snapped.

Police said Mrs. Hutson took a gun she kept in her house and went looking for her daughter. She found her in front of the house Mrs. Hutson bought for her, across the street from her grandmother’s apartment.

Police say she shot her daughter once in the chest at 5:30 p.m. Rennee Hutson was dead on arrival at Mary Immaculate Hospital.

Michael Van Brackle, 38, who lives two doors down from Rennee Hutson’s house, said he and other neighbors had complained for years about the small bungalow where she lived. It was a known crack house, she said.

Gibbons, who videotaped Mrs. Hutson after her arrest at the 113th precinct, said she appeared both grief-stricken and relieved after the shooting.

″She said ’I didn’t kill my daughter,‴ Gibbons recalled Thursday. ″That was some crack girl. That wasn’t my daughter.″

Gibbons will present the case to the grand jury Friday.

Neighbors of Mrs. Hutson said they were not completely surprised. She shares a small bungalow on a quiet, tree-lined street a mile from her daughter’s house and her mother’s apartment.

″There’s a breaking point in everybody’s life,″ said Clinton Linton, 74. ″What was going on was unbearable for her. Some people just get fed up. She got pushed up against a wall.″

Mrs. Hutson, who was charged with second-degree murder, was freed on her own recognizance after her arrest.

Gibbons said Mrs. Hutson was making arrangements for her daughter’s funeral while keeping it a secret from her own, ailing mother. ″She said she thought it would kill her,″ Gibbons said.

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