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Amnesty International Urges Probe of Israeli Torture Allegations

September 15, 1986

LONDON (AP) _ Amnesty International on Tuesday called for full investigations of reports that Arab prisoners were tortured in Israeli-occupied areas and under Israeli supervision in south Lebanon.

The international human rights organization said Israeli authorities failed to respond to its appeals to set up independent investigations and make the results public.

Amnesty International issued a detailed account of allegations made by Adnan Mansour Ghanem, who reported being beaten, forced to stand for long periods while hooded and handcuffed, prevented from sleeping, suffocated and subjected to ice-cold showers.

The organization said Ghanem’s account ″was typical of a steady flow of allegations of torture and ill-treatment by Palestinian prisoners.″

It reported similar allegations of torture by Arab detainees at the Khiam detention camp in south Lebanon where, it said, Israelis supervise interrogations by the South Lebanon Army, an Israeli-backed militia. No names of the Arab detainees were given.

Amnesty International said that Ghanem’s lawyer was not permitted to speak with him when she represented him at three court appearances and that reports from Red Cross visits to him were kept secret.

Ghanem, 41, was arrested in Ramallah in the West Bank on Dec. 22, 1985, and was deported to Jordan Feb. 10 without having formal charges lodged against him. He had previously been imprisoned for 17 years and was released in May 1985 in a prisoner exchange. He was arrested on suspicion of renewing activity in the Palestine Liberation Organization, Amnesty International said.

It said Ghanem complained at his military hearings that he was being tortured. The lawyer, whose name was not given, wrote to the Israeli authorities on Jan. 29 that security officers told Ghanem after he complained that ″they would show him what beatings were.″ Then they covered his head with a bag and ″began hitting him with their fists and with the flat of their hands all over his body - ears, neck, chest, genitals, the back of the head. They also covered his head with a bag and strangled him twice,″ the lawyer alleged, according to the Amnest International report.

Though Ghanem did not allege that electric shocks were used on him, Amnesty International said a former detainee at the Khiam camp in south Lebanon reported he had been stripped, soaked with water and given shocks from electrodes applied to all parts of his body, including the genitals.

It said the Red Cross had been refused access to the camp in south Lebanon.

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