ROME (AP) _ Italian military jets started mass deportations of Albanians on Wednesday, shuttling 100 back home to the land they fled during civil unrest earlier in the year.

Bad weather allowed for only one flight Wednesday. Italy planned to send more people back Thursday by ship, the ANSA news agency said.

``I am without a house or a job,'' said Vasilica Doco, 46, arriving in the Albanian capital, Tirana, tired and frustrated. ``I have two children. I don't know what my future will be.''

Some deportees have gone on a hunger strike to protest the deportations. The Albanian government, however, has agreed to the repatriations.

Few put up any real resistance when police arrived at camps in the southern cities of Brindisi and Bari early Wednesday and ordered them onto buses for the airport. But many shouted insults against Italy, and some broke into tears.

Italian authorities could not say exactly how many people they planned to deport, but about 5,000 Albanians are believed to be candidates for deportation.

Around 17,000 Albanians fled to Italy to escape the turmoil in their homeland earlier this year, but many have already returned on their own.

The exodus followed the collapse of high-risk investment schemes last spring that set off months of violence in which about 2,000 Albanians were killed.