Orange FD shares cautionary Maine FD post

July 29, 2018

Oxford firefighters shared a Facebook post from a Maine fire station to warn residents about a potential fire hazard.

The Medway, Maine, Fire Department shared a post that said its chief noticed one of his solar security lights appeared to have burned out.

The agency said when the chief got closer and was able to take a good look at the situation, he saw that the battery in the unit exploded.

“These lights in the picture have been linked to fires in other states,” the Maine fire station warned. “If they are currently on your own home, please remove them.”

Everbrite was the brand of the solar LED security light mentioned in the post.

Fire officials said fire investigators in Ohio linked this type of light to at least two fires in Ohio. The batteries exploded when the unit took in too much sunlight and overloaded the device.

“This post is just to make other(s) aware of what could happen,” Medway fire officials said.

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